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Explore the Joy of Movement and expression with JOOPOP!

Joopop is a revolutionary platform that promotes fitness, creativity, and fun through Movement therapy. Our vision is to create a happier and healthier future for all with physical activity being a part of your daily life.

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Our Services

At Joopop, we offer a variety of services for schools, home, and professionals.

For School

The JOOPOP school program offers a unique and exciting approach to physical education for children.


The curriculum for kindergarten kids at Joopop is designed to be fun and engaging, providing a great platform for young children to develop their coordination, rhythm, and creativity through movement.


Our Junior program caters to students of grades 1-6. This curriculum is designed to benefit both beginners and intermediates focusing on nurturing creativity, self-expression and endurance.


Senior category at Joopop is designed for students in grades 7-12. The curriculum offers a challenging and diverse range of styles that focus on developing technique, artistry, and performance skills.


For Home

In a world where technology often divides us, Joopop provides a space for families to connect, laugh, and move together. Joopop has something for everyone.


Engage your little one in our dance program and see the difference in their dance skills, confidence, and stamina in just months!


JOOPOP has programs designed for people 18 and above, to be in trend with the social media, our certified trainers will train you in par with the trend.


Parents usually associate the word 'dance' with art, but did you know dance can also help you stay fit and healthy, both physically and mentally?


JOOPOP is a family place where you can learn to dance, have fun, exercise, and start a healthier way of life!

For Studio

Dance professionals who are seeking to expand your offerings, grow your business, or stay ahead of the curve; associate with Joopop Pro-Studio.

A Collaboration for Growth and Success

With our innovative platform, aspiring dancers can connect with experienced instructors, access high-quality training resources, and participate in competitions and events that showcase their talents and advance their careers.

Professional Development Opportunities

We provide opportunities to participate in professional competitions and events, which can help members showcase their skills, gain recognition, and expand their network. We also provide certifications in various areas of expertise, which can add value to member's resumes and demonstrate their commitment to excellence.

Proven Franchise model

We will soon be providing a proven franchise model and with that you can benefit from our established brand reputation, standardized operating procedures, and ongoing support to help you expand your business and reach new heights of success.



Affordable pricing plans

Joopop offers a range of affordable pricing options for schools, homes, and professionals. You can choose the program that best fits your needs and budget. Join us today and experience the magic of rhythm and movement!


AED 700 /year

  • Age : All Age Groups
  • Access : Kinder Junior & Senior
  • Unlimited Update Videos
  • All Home Videos
  • Extra Curricular Activity
  • Fitness Workout
  • Dance Workout for Parents
  • Unlimited Live Session (Local Feed)
  • Access All Videos for Parents
  • Competition Ticket & Certification


AED 250 /year

  • Age : 3 to 18 Years
  • Class : 1st to 12th
  • Physical Education
  • Dance
  • Music Yoga
  • Indian Dance Forms
  • International Dance Forms
  • 200 Plus Videos
  • All Joopop Videos
  • Fitness Workout
  • Monthly 4 Live Session
  • Limited Videos For Parents
  • Competition Ticket & Certification


AED 2000 /year

  • Age : No Age Limit
  • For : Professional use only
  • Only for Dance Studio Owners
  • Instructors and Pro Learners
  • Pro Level Dance
  • Access : All Pro Dance
  • Unlimited Update Videos
  • Unlimited Live Session (International Feed)
  • Learn Pro Dance Forms
  • International Tutors
  • Pro Competition Ticket & Pro Certification

What our clients say

Lady Willingdon Higher Secondary School, Chennai

The students were very interactive and positively involved in the activity. Post the session, students felt energetic. We would like to initiate this program further in our school.

  • Ms. Kalarani
    Head Mistress

Loyola International Residential School, Chennai

All the students danced with enjoyment by seeing the videos and learnt dance movements quickly. The dance movements are very trendy, impressive and unique. Children enthusiastically danced and happily participated with vigor and energy. We are glad to see this level of student interest. We will be glad to introduce these dance videos for our activity periods and I thank the team for their demonstration.

  • Mr. Gasper

Vinayaka Mission’s Annapoorani Matriculation School, Salem

The executives of JOOPOP had conducted demonstration last week and we are willing to join for the next academic year.

  • Mr. Dinakaran