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Ages 3-5 years

Joopop's Kinder program is a collection of exciting movements designed specifically for young children in Pre KG, Lower KG, and Upper KG.

Introduction to active movements

We understand that young children have short attention spans, so our videos are designed to keep them interested by incorporating age-appropriate music and themes.

Builds confidence

This program enhances children's confidence, self-esteem, and social skills by promoting body awareness, movement exploration, and social interaction.

Fun and engaging content

The fun and engaging videos encourage children to participate eagerly, making these play sessions an enjoyable part of their daily routine. Incorporating these activities can have a positive impact on the child's physical and mental well-being.

5 min Boost

Playing our Kinder program videos for just 5 minutes every morning before class starts and 5 minutes after lunch will keep the child energized and active throughout the day.



Ages 6-11 years

The Junior program has 2 subcategories namely Junior 1 (Grades 1,2,3) and Junior 2 (Grades 4,5,6)

Introduction to Technique and Styles

Children are introduced to a variety of dance styles and taught the proper techniques to improve their skills.

Creativity and Imagination

The Junior program encourages children to use their imagination and creativity to express themselves through movement.

Cognitive development

Junior program will help in cognitive development, including memory and focus, which has been shown to boost academic performance in areas such as reading, math, and spatial reasoning.


Ages 12-17 years

The senior program has 2 subcategories namely senior 1 (Grades 7,8,9) and senior 2 (Grades 10,11,12)


Academic Improvement

The creative aspects learnt through JOOPOP help students to think outside the box and approach academic problems in new and innovative ways which provides a much-needed outlet for stress relief, allowing students to better manage the demands of their academic studies.


Develop musicality and creativity

Musicality in dance then might be considered a measure or degree to which a dancer is receptive and creative in his translation or rendering of music through movement.


Advanced Skill Development

The Senior program focuses on advanced level choreography and technique, allowing experienced dancers to improve their skills and take their dance abilities to the next level.

Free Lessons

Stay on top of the latest dance trends and immerse yourself in our interactive playlist that not only offers a wide variety of dance styles from around the world but also features brain gym, movement therapy and other elements to boost your cognitive abilities and overall well-being.


Affordable pricing plans

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AED 250/student/year

  • ✓ Age : 3 to 18 Years
  • ✓ Class : 1st to 12th
  • ✓ Physical Education
  • ✓ Dance
  • ✓ Music Yoga
  • ✓ Indian Dance Forms
  • ✓ International Dance Forms
  • ✓ 200 Plus Videos
  • ✓ All Joopop Videos
  • ✓ Fitness Workout
  • ✓ Monthly 4 Live Session
  • ✓ Limited Videos For Parents
  • ✓ Competition Ticket & Certification


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What our clients say

Lady Willingdon Higher Secondary School, Chennai

The students were very interactive and positively involved in the activity. Post the session, students felt energetic. We would like to initiate this program further in our school.

  • Ms. Kalarani
    Head Mistress

Loyola International Residential School, Chennai

All the students danced with enjoyment by seeing the videos and learnt dance movements quickly. The dance movements are very trendy, impressive and unique. Children enthusiastically danced and happily participated with vigor and energy. We are glad to see this level of student interest. We will be glad to introduce these dance videos for our activity periods and I thank the team for their demonstration.

  • Mr. Gasper

Vinayaka Mission’s Annapoorani Matriculation School, Salem

The executives of JOOPOP had conducted demonstration last week and we are willing to join for the next academic year.

  • Mr. Dinakaran


Get certified by JOOPOP reputed Councils

JOOPOP provides certification to every student who completes the JOOPOP module through the Global Dance Council and Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC).