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Schooling dance is fun! But too often, managing your business is not. JOOPOP Pro-studio makes it simple for all the dancers, dance trainers and studio owners.


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We are building a future where dancers can manage their dance business, learn different style of dance with ease and connect with their peers across the globe. Join us to be a part of a vibrant and supportive dance community.


Awesome App Features

We have curated a state-of-the-art Admin App to integrate and streamline various business functions. We provide pro level workshop, master classes and much more.


Learn international Dance forms

We are a comprehensive online platform for learning international dance styles. Master in all the international dance style with JOOPOP Pro-Studio certification courses. Learn different styles of dance from experts across the globe.


Student interaction Classes

Live sessions of all are master classes are available for those have missed their classes. Connect with your students, share videos, and gain access to internationally recognized dance tutorial and certification courses.


Create Live Classes

We offer live one on one sessions where you can connect with our experienced network of dance tutors. Get Unlimited access to live sessions and instructional videos. Learn in-demand skills with access to over hundreds of study videos and online sessions.


Manage Student Fees & Attendance

You will be able to manage the attendance, fees process, and much more. Without proper administration a dance business can fail, but with JOOPOP you don't have to worry anymore. We have got you covered.


Record Expense/Income

Managing passion and business can be a herculean task with JOOPOP Admin app you can have control of your dance studio and passion with just a click. You can maintain all your expense & income!


Create & upload videos

Anytime or anywhere, begin capturing videos, and then store them to your library for later use. Upload any videos from your local storage and share it with your peers/students.


Create your reminder

Create a dynamic reminder based on your business requirements to keep yourself informed of all business activity.


Create your playlist

Create a playlist that is unique utilising the available videos, then share it to your student. With the special playlist, students learn it more effectively.


Affordable pricing plans

Check out our affordable pricing for Pro-studio plan. Join us today!


AED 2000/year

  • ✓ Age : No Age Limit
  • ✓ For : Professional use only
  • ✓ Only for Dance Studio Owners
  • ✓ Instructors and Pro Learners
  • ✓ Pro Level Dance
  • ✓ Access : All Pro Dance
  • ✓ Unlimited Update Videos
  • ✓ Unlimited Live Session (International Feed)
  • ✓ Learn Pro Dance Forms
  • ✓ International Tutors
  • ✓ Pro Competition Ticket & Pro Certification


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Get certified by the Global Dance Council

Global Dance Council (GDC) and Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC) provide certification courses for dance studio owners and by affiliating with Joopop Pro-Studio, they can gain access to internationally recognized dance tutorials and certification courses.